Lush haul

Hello Ladies,

I had the privilege of visiting a lush store last week while I was on holiday, and I was absolutely thrilled! We don’t have a lush store here, so I felt like a child in a sweet shop (I did experience that too, by the way.Await next post)

Here are a few pictures of the products I got. (Please excuse my photography and editing skills; I’m still very much a novice!)


From Left to right : Coalface cleanser, NEW! solid shampoo, ‘Therapy’ massage bar, ‘Buffy’ body butter‘Twilight’ bath bomb, ‘Honey I washed the kids’ soap


From left to right: ‘Silky underwear’ dusting powder, ‘Whoosh’ shower jelly, ‘Bubblegum’ lip scrub

I have used a few other Lush products before, such as ‘Angels on bare skin’ and ‘Enzymion’. I loved both and they worked really well on my oily skin.
Which Lush product have you enjoyed using?



My 5 style resolutions

Let me start by saying that I do not celebrate New Year (For all of those who DO, before you react –  I’m not here to preach nor am I going to discuss whether or not we’re allowed to celebrate ) but I’m sure we all agree that just like we hope to start afresh every morning and look forward to a new day, the New Year gives us a renewed sense of hope- in a way ;a new beginning of sorts.

So after futile attempts at trying to stick to ‘resolutions’ on different occasions in the last few months, I’ve decided to give this another try.

Here we go then:

1)   Spending cuts (Excuse the terminology) 

Confession time – I’m a shopaholic.

This year however, I want that to change. I hope to maintain a Wish List with products listed in order of priority and will allow myself to splurge only ONCE a month.

2) Try out new stores/brands

I don’t know if this a common problem or if it’s just me , but I tend to stick to brands that I know. I’m terribly apprehensive when it comes to trying out clothes by new (to me) brands.

3) FINISH products I’ve purchased

More often than not, I purchase a product I’ve seen/read someone rave about and then only use it a couple of times before shoving it in some drawer. I don’t get rid of them either. Something I definitely need to work on.

4) Clean out my closet every few months.

I’m sure most of us have so many articles of clothing that we don’t even remember when we last wore them or that we even had particular items.

The solution? 

Organise your clothes in such a way that you can see everything. This will ensure that clothes don’t ‘get lost’ in your closet.

Hand down clothes that you may not wear again to younger siblings or to a charity shop.

If you have clothes that need to be altered  ( I’m ‘petite’, which means I rarely find clothes that fit perfectly), get them done. Collecting them in a bag in a visible area of your room would help.

5) Work on skin and body care

I believe that fashion isn’t only about wearing pretty clothes. It’s impossible for a person to maintain a good sense of style if she’s careless with regard to grooming.

We all know that maintaining good skin along with your health would ensure that you always look good and confident regardless of what you wear! While many of us do have a skin care/body care routine in place, laziness often kicks in causing us to slack. Discipline is therefore key.

So what are your fashion resolutions for this year? Do share 🙂




Hello World!

After much pondering and blogging on current affairs and other topics for a few years AND following fashion blogsI’ve finally decided to start one of my own.

So here’s a short welcome post.

This blog will contain posts on a variety of topics -from fashion to lifestyle posts and maybe even recipes and rants!

So Welcome to my blog, and Happy Reading! 🙂